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UCapture is a rewards shopping platform that offsets users’ CO2 emissions and combats global warming – for free!  We’ve partnered with over 1000 of largest online retailers, and provide easy-to-use shopping tools that automatically capture users CO2 emissions when they shop.

It’s easy.  Just sign up.  Then install the UCapture Extension so that we can automatically offset your CO2 emissions when you shop with one of our partners.  We will notify you when you capture some CO2 by posting the activity on your account (privately) and sending you an email.

Yes – UCapture is 100% free.  We do not charge you to use our service.  Also, our partners do not charge you for using UCapture, and you remain eligible for any coupons or discounts.  Like you, our partners care about the environment – they are happy to offset your CO2 emissions for you when you shop through UCapture!

UCapture reduces greenhouse gas emissions by funding CO2 Offset projects that permanently reduce global CO2 emissions, including:

  • Reforestation a forest preservation projects
  • Methane capture and combustion (farm power)
  • Landfill gas capture and combustion
  • Renewable energy production projects

We constantly monitor all available methods to reduce CO2 to ensure we are always using the most efficient and reliable means.

The UCapture Extension is an internet browser add-in that’s available for Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers.  The Extension gives you small notification when you visit one of our partner’s website, and tells you their offer terms.  Then it automatically offsets your CO2 emissions when you shop, and makes sure you get the credit!

The amount of CO2 that you capture depends on the offer terms of our partner and the amount of your purchase.  Most partners offer a specific number of pounds of CO2 per $ spent, while some offer a fixed number of pounds for completing a certain action.  UCapture posts each partner’s offer terms in the UCapture Shop.

Maybe, but that’s not really the goal.  Some transactions capture more CO2 than they cause, while others may not.  UCapture believes the goal is to start capturing the CO2 emissions from as much of your consumption as possible.  We promise to play our part by increasing your opportunities to do so.

There are two primary reasons why a partners offer terms may have changed.

  1. UCapture’s partners are allowed to change their offer terms from time-to-time.
  2. Also, the price of offsetting CO2 changes over time, which means UCapture doesn’t always capture the same amount of CO2 per dollar.

Your consumption creates CO2 emissions which cause global warming.  These CO2 emissions are a “negative externality” – meaning they impose a cost on society that is not paid by you.  UCapture provides you an easy, fun and free way to start doing the responsible thing for the environment and the future!

You can offset extra CO2 by getting your friends to join using our Referral Program. The social media tools in your Profile section generate links containing your unique User ID for you to share with friends. We will award you a CO2 bonus equal to 10% of the amount offset by each of your referrals for the first year after they sign up!

UCapture has partnered with over 1000 of your favorite websites.  You can see all of our partners in the Shops section of our website, where you can also explore our partners by category.  We are constantly adding new partners to our program to be sure to check back frequently to find more opportunities to capture your CO2 emissions for free!

UCapture’s mission is to offset CO2 emissions associated with consumer transactions in an efficient, reliable and quantifiable manner.  Efficient means avoiding unnecessary transaction costs that reduce the amount of CO2 captured per dollar of revenue.  Reliable means that our process truly reduces CO2 emissions and that the impact is permanent.  Quantifiable means that UCapture can put a number on the amount of CO2 offset in a transparent fashion.

UCapture’s vision is that, in the near future, nearly all consumer transactions will capture the cost imposed on society by related CO2 emissions.  Nearly all consumer transactions lead to some amount of CO2 emissions – either in the production, transportation or consumption of goods or services.  Presently these CO2 emissions are not dealt with by either the producer or the consumer; which means that their cost (negative externality) is borne by society and not the consumer.  UCapture seeks to provide consumers with a way to automatically capture the CO2 emissions associated with nearly all of their consumption – for free!


A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.  CO2 offsets can be purchased in order to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint.  There are many types of projects that can produce CO2 offsets, such as: reforestation, methane capture, coal mine emissions capture, energy efficiency projects, etc.

TerraPass is a CO2 offset provider that helps everyday people reduce their climate impact.  They create, implement, and operate customer-funded emissions reduction projects at facilities, such as dairy farms and landfills.  They also work with businesses and institutions to develop custom renewable energy solutions for their operations.

A negative externality is a cost that is suffered by a third party as a result of an economic transaction.  CO2 emissions are a negative externality because they are created by your consumption (production, transportations, usage) and lead to global warming which is a problem for everyone.

Methane capture projects consist of the combustion or containment of methane generated by farm animals using anaerobic digesters.  An anaerobic digester turns manure into fuel for electricity or heat, and produces useful solids for use on the farm. By putting animal waste to good-use, these offsets can eliminate significant global warming potential.

Forestry offsets save trees.  Funds used to purchase these offsets go towards protecting existing forests, reforesting lands that were once forested, or creating brand new forests altogether.  Offsets created by saving trees pay for the sequestration of carbon for the long-term (>100 years).

Renewable energy projects that generate carbon offsets are typically sited in areas that derive most of their energy from these dirty fossil fuels.  Thus, these clean-energy projects displace the electricity generated by carbon-emitting sources, and help accelerate our transition to a more sustainable future.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities.  In 2014, CO2 accounted for about 80.9% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.  CO2 emissions lead to global warming, which is anticipated to have disastrous impacts on our planet and communities this century.



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