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For more detail on any topic, or to suggest an FAQ, please email:   avery@ucapture.com

What is UCapture?

UCapture is a rewards shopping platform that offsets users’ CO2 emissions and combats global warming – for free!

The UCapture Extension and UCapture App automatically offset your Carbon Footprint- at no cost to you – when you shop with over 2,500 online partners.

UCapture is the Easy, Fun and Free way to consume in a more sustainable way for the Environment!

How do I use UCapture?

It’s easy.

  1. Sign up for free at ucapture.com/register
  2. Install the free UCapture Extension ucapture.com/install-extension
  3. Download the UCapture App [link coming]

Then, UCapture will automatically offset your carbon footprint when you shop with one of 2,500+ online partners.

We notify you by email when you capture CO2, and post the activity (privately) on your account.

Is UCapture free?

Yes – UCapture is 100% free.

We do not charge you to become a member, or to use our service.

Also, our partners DO NOT charge you for using UCapture or increase their prices for you in any way.

Plus, UCapture is able to provide you exclusive coupons and discounts through our technology!

Like you, our partners care about the environment – they are happy to offset your carbon footprint when you shop through UCapture!

How does UCapture reduce my Carbon Footprint?

UCapture reduces greenhouse gas emissions by funding Carbon Offset projects that reduce net greenhouse gases, including:

  • Reforestation a forest preservation projects
  • Methane capture at landfills and abandoned coal mines
  • Solar and wind energy production projects

We constantly monitor all available methods to reduce your carbon footprint to ensure we are always using the most Efficient and Reliable means.

What is the UCapture Extension?

The UCapture Extension is an internet browser plug-in that’s available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

The Extension gives you small notification when you visit one of our partner’s website, and tells you their offer terms.

Then it automatically offsets your Carbon Footprint when you shop, and makes sure you get the credit!

Install the Extension on each of your browsers and computers to ensure maximum capture potential!

How many pounds of CO2 will be offset when I shop?

The amount of Carbon you offset depends on the offer terms of our partner and the amount of your purchase.

Most partners offer a specific number of pounds of CO2 per $ spent, while some offer a fixed number of pounds for completing a certain action (like registration).

UCapture posts each partner’s offer terms in the UCapture Shop, and presents them through our technology when you visit a partner.

Does UCapture make me Carbon Neutral?

Maybe… But we avoid making such claims.

It’s impossible for us to know the Carbon Footprint of your purchase (shipping, use, disposal, etc.).

However, we do tell you exactly how much CO2 we offset as a result of your transaction.

You can track your total Carbon Offset in your UCapture Account, and determine your own Carbon Neutrality, should you desire.

* It’s important to note, UCapture supports responsible consumption practices generally, and emphasizes recycling, reducing, reusing, up-cycling, composting, sharing, donating, and all other simple strategies for reducing our carbon footprint as we consume.

Why should I join UCapture?

Your consumption creates greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide and methane.  These gases cause global warming, which leads to dramatic (dangerous) climate change.

Your net emissions is called your Carbon Footprint.  Your emissions are a “negative externality” – meaning they impose a cost on society that is not paid by you.

UCapture provides you an easy, fun and free way to start reducing your carbon footprint, which is the responsible thing for the environment and the future!

How does the UCapture Referral Program work?

You can earn Bonus Carbon Offsets by getting others to join UCapture using your Referral Link.

Your Referral Link is displayed on the Left Banner at all times, when signed into your UCapture Account at ucapture.com

We’ll award you a 10% Carbon Offset Bonus on all activity done by your referrals for the first year after they join.  More Carbon Offset, for Free!

Which websites is UCapture Partnered with?

UCapture has partnered with over 2,500 of your favorite websites, representing over 80% of all online spending.

You can see all of our partners in the Shops section of our website, where you can also explore our partners by category.

We are constantly adding new partners to our program to be sure to check back frequently to find more opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint when you shop.

What is UCapture’s Mission?

UCapture’s mission is to offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with consumer transactions in an efficient, reliable and quantifiable manner.

Efficient means avoiding unnecessary transaction costs that reduce the amount of CO2 captured per dollar of revenue.

Reliable means that our process truly reduces net greenhouse gas emissions and that the impact is permanent.

Quantifiable means that UCapture can put a number on the amount of Carbon Offset in a transparent fashion.

What is UCapture’s Vision?

UCapture’s vision is that, in the near future, nearly all consumer transactions will capture the cost imposed on society by related greenhouse gas emissions.  Essentially, that we will all #LiveCarbonNeutral.

Nearly all consumer transactions lead to some amount of CO2 emissions – either in the production, transportation or consumption of goods or services. Presently these CO2 emissions are not dealt with by either the producer or the consumer; which means that their cost (negative externality) is borne by society and not the consumer.

UCapture seeks to provide consumers with a way to automatically capture the carbon emissions associated with nearly all of their consumption – for free!