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WHAT IS UCapture?

UCapture is a rewards shopping platform that offsets your “carbon footprint” and combats global warming – for free!

The average American is responsible for over 100 pounds of CO2 per day.

  • Farm-to-table, an 8 oz. steak causes 10 pounds of CO2.
  • Watching a 50” TV creates 500 pounds of CO2 per year.
  • A flight from New York to LA produces 1,000 pounds per person!

These carbon emissions are a “negative externality” – they impose a cost on society that is not paid by you.

We’ve partnered with over 2000 of your favorite websites, including: Expedia, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Groupon.

Our easy-to-use shopping tools automatically offset your carbon footprint when you shop with one of our partners.

Our partners care about the environment.  They’re happy to reduce your carbon footprint for you when you shop through UCapture!

UCapture makes reducing your carbon footprint easy:

  • Join UCapture
  • Install the UCapture Extension
  • Shop with our partners

But UCapture is fun too:

  • Unlock avatars for your profile
  • Check your ranking on the UCapture Leaderboard
  • Capture extra CO2 by getting friends to join

And since it’s all paid for by our partners, offsetting your carbon footprint won’t cost you a thing!

How does UCapture work?

UCapture uses commissions from our partners to offset your carbon footprint, at no cost to you, when you shop.

UCapture is a 100% FREE service.

When you access one of our partners through UCapture.com or with the UCapture Extension installed, you will be eligible to have your CO2 offset when you meet that partner’s requirements (e.g., making a purchase).

Our partners pay us to offset your CO2, and you still remain eligible for any coupons or discounts being offered!

We source our Carbon Offsets from one of the most reputable providers (TerraPass) who uses only a few high-quality methods to permanently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These include:

  • Reforestation and forest preservation
  • Methane capture and combustion (farm power)
  • Landfill gas capture and combustion
  • Renewable energy from wind power

Each time we capture CO2 on your behalf, we will email you and post the activity to your account (privately). We will also update the total pounds captured in your profile.

UCapture reports the date and method of all the CO2 we offset in our public Registry so that everyone can track our progress.

How You Capture?

UCapture provides a number of easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint – for free!

Our browser extension automatically offsets your CO2 when you shop with one of our partners.

The Extension:

  • Notifies you when you visit one of our partners’ websites
  • Reports that partner’s offer terms and requirements (e.g., make a purchase)
  • Automatically offsets your carbon emissions!

Use the tools on UCapture.com to select our partners for a greater percentage of your purchases.

You can:

  • Save your favorite shops to your account
  • Access special coupons and discounts
  • View all partners by category

You can invite friends to join UCapture using the Referral Link and social media tools in your account.

UCapture will award you a CO2 Bonus equal to 10% of the amount offset by each of your referrals for the first year after they sign up!

How does UCapture offset CO2?

UCapture funds Carbon Offset projects that permanently reduce greenhouse gases, or produce clean, renewable energy.

Reforestation and forest preservation projects that soak up and store CO2 from the atmosphere.

Forestry offsets save trees and plant new ones.

Funds used to purchase these offsets go towards protecting existing forests, reforesting lands that were once forested, or creating brand new forests altogether. Offsets pay for the sequestration of carbon for the long-term (>100 years).

Methane capture (farm power) projects that turn animal waste into energy, thereby reducing the global warming impact of livestock.

Methane capture consist of the combustion or containment of methane generated by farm animals using anaerobic digesters.

An anaerobic digester turns manure into fuel for electricity or heat, and produces useful solids for use on the farm.

Renewable energy projects that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate our transition to a more sustainable future.

Renewable energy projects that generate Carbon Offsets are typically sited in areas that derive most of their energy from dirty fossil fuels.

These clean-energy projects displace electricity generated by carbon-emitting sources.



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