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You shop.
We capture.

Offset your
carbon footprint
for free.

Your consumption has
a carbon footprint.

This causes climate
change, and harms
our future.

We use commissions
from our partners
to reduce your
carbon footprint
at no cost to you.

Our extension
automatically offsets
your carbon footprint
when you shop with
2000+ online partners.

Easy. Fun. Free.

Shop in a more
sustainable way
for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UCapture?

    A rewards shopping platform that offsets your carbon footprint and fights climate change – for free!

  • How does UCapture work?

    We use commissions from our partners to offset your carbon footprint, at no cost to you, when you shop.

  • How do I use UCapture?

    Sign up, then install the UCapture Extension to have your CO2 emissions automatically offset when you shop.

  • How does UCapture offset carbon emissions?

    We fund Carbon Offset projects like reforestation, methane capture, and clean-energy production.

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